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Help Us Send the Ocean Warrior on its Maiden Voyage
Join in Sea Shepherd’s mission to protect our oceans with the launch of the new patrol vessel!
Ocean Warrior

For almost 40 years Sea Shepherd has fought for the oceans. Yet poaching, hunting, and illegal fishing still ravage our seas. Since 2002, our actions in the waters surrounding the Antarctic continent have been very successful, but the fleet is aging and the vessels are lacking speed.

The Southern Ocean, one of the last regions of untouched natural beauty on the planet, is also desolate, rough, freezing cold and immense. Unfortunately an increasing number of illegal activities aim to spoil this pristine environment. Unregulated and illegal extraction of marine wildlife is disrupting the Antarctic eco-system and urgent action is needed. For many years, Sea Shepherd has looked for a vessel that has the range and capability of reaching high top speeds to be the Southern Ocean Patrol flagship, but budget restrictions have made such a purchase impossible.

Until now.

Thanks to the generosity of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, the People’s Postcode Lottery in the United Kingdom and the Svenska Postkod Stiftelsen in Sweden, Sea Shepherd has built a new state-of the-art patrol vessel, the Ocean Warrior, faster than any other ship in our fleet.

We now need your support to send the Ocean Warrior on its maiden voyage this September. Our goal is to raise €250,000 to cover the cost of fuel and equipment for its inaugural two-month journey from the shipyard to the high seas. With your help, the Ocean Warrior can begin its mission to end illegal poaching in the Southern Ocean once and for all.

Discover the Ocean Warrior
Learn all about Sea Shepherd’s first purpose-built patrol vessel!

In January 2015 Sea Shepherd was awarded €8.3 million from the Dutch Postcode Lottery, the People’s Postcode Lottery in the UK, and the Svenska Postkod Stiftelsen in Sweden for our Dream Project application, Stop Illegal Fishing in the Southern Ocean, for a custom-built patrol vessel to be more effective than ever in the fight against poaching on the high seas.

The Ocean Warrior is the fifth vessel in Sea Shepherd Global’s current fleet, the 15th in its history, and the very first one that’s completely new.

After extensive research, Sea Shepherd CEO Alex Cornelissen chose the Dutch shipbuilder Damen to design and build this dream ship in their Turkish shipyard in Antalya.

The Ocean Warrior is a custom-built, state-of-the-art vessel capable of achieving speeds that far exceed any of the vessels in our current fleet, built to operate in extreme weather conditions. This new ship is also equipped with a hybrid propulsion system, providing an extended range and drastic reduction of fuel consumption, both lowering fuel costs as well as limiting CO² emissions. Its massive aft deck area will enable helicopter as well as small boat operations, and a multitude of other uses. There are four engines that will give us high top speeds of over 25 knots.

The name Ocean Warrior was selected by a panel of representatives from Sea Shepherd and the Dutch Postcode Lottery from over 1,400 entries in Sea Shepherd’s Name Our New Patrol Vessel competition in March 2016. A raffle was used to select the competition winner from among identical entries, congratulations to Mrs. Smole from the Netherlands!

In October 2015 Geert Vons (Director of Sea Shepherd Netherlands) and Captain Cornelissen attended the Keel Laying Ceremony. The Golden Banner, an official token from the Dutch Postcode Lottery, was welded into the hull of the ship as the traditional symbol of luck, and the keel was baptized with a bottle of Champagne kindly donated by the ship builder, Damen.

Sea Shepherd is excited to announce that after 18 months of construction, Ocean Warrior departed Antalya Harbour on September 9th with Captain Cornelissen at the helm. After a two-week stop in the port of Amsterdam – home to Sea Shepherd Global Headquarters – for ship visits and final mechanical adjustments, the Ocean Warrior is now on its way to Melbourne, Australia to prepare for its inaugural campaign in the Southern Ocean!

How the Ocean Warrior Will Make a Difference  

Because the Southern Ocean is home for many whales, seals, krill and over 200 fish species, illegal fishing is a huge problem. Scientists warn that in 40 years our oceans and seas will be completely depleted of fish if we do nothing.

Sea Shepherd traces, registers and documents illegal fishing activities on the high seas, handing this footage over to the authorities as evidence and sharing it with the media. When necessary, Sea Shepherd engages illegal fishermen, sealers and whaling fleets, obstructing their illegal operations by chasing and hindering them. These actions are often daring and dangerous.

But Sea Shepherd has never backed down from the harsh conditions in the Antarctic or from the brutality of the illegal poachers. Our Operation Icefish campaigns from 2014-2016 put an end to the illegal fishing by the notorious Bandit 6 poachers who had operated for a decade in the Southern Ocean outside the reach of traditional law enforcement. Sea Shepherd’s ships Bob Barker and Sam Simon were able to find and follow the ships, documenting their illegal activities to provide authorities with the evidence that led to the poachers’ conviction, jail sentences, and fines of over €15 million.

With the new Ocean Warrior as the flagship in our Southern Ocean Patrol, Sea Shepherd now has a faster, easier-to-maneuver vessel to use in its mission to end illegal fishing and hunting in the pristine waters of the Antarctic.  Its maiden voyage will take it to the Southern Ocean for its inaugural mission, Operation Nemesis, the 11th Sea Shepherd whale defense campaign.

Let’s show the poachers it’s time to retire! Help us fuel and equip the Ocean Warrior for its maiden voyage  from Turkey to the Southern Ocean by making a donation, by sharing this with your friends, or by purchasing Sea Shepherd gear in our online shop below.

Photos taken during Sea Shepherd’s Operation Icefish

How You Can Support Us
Three easy ways to help support the Ocean Warrior’s maiden voyage to the Southern Ocean


Your donations help keep the Ocean Warrior fueled and equipped during our two-month maiden voyage to the Southern Ocean where we’ll be preparing for Operation Nemesis. Even the smallest donations can make a difference! Sea Shepherd’s campaigns wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and generosity of our supporters.

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