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In Response to Japanese Whalers Reaching their Quota of 333 Whales

by Captain Peter Hammarstedt

Captain Peter Hammarstedt on the bridge of the M/Y Bob Barker. Credit: Sea Shepherd Global / Simon AgerOn Friday we received the saddening news that the Japanese whaling fleet reached their bogus self-allocated quota, despite Sea Shepherd’s best efforts to impact it.

While that news is gravely disappointing, we must remember that the Japanese whaling program in Antarctica is radically different from what it was when our Antarctic Whale Defense Campaigns began 15 years ago.

On my first campaign to the Antarctic, the Japanese whaling fleet intended to kill 1,035 whales. Their annual quota is now 333 whales, a quota reduced because of the success of Sea Shepherd’s campaigns. Thus, every year 702 whales are saved.

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“Not One Cent for Bribery” – The Story of the Arrest of the FV Lu Rong Yuan Yu 988

By Captain Peter Hammarstedt

Lu Rong Yuan Yu 988 arrested and en route to Monrovia. Photo: Alejandra Gimeno / Sea Shepherd GlobalFor the crew of the M/Y Bob Barker, and the 10 strong Liberian Coast Guard boarding team, it was just a matter of waiting and letting the illegal fishing boats come to them.

The day before the M/Y Bob Barker arrived in Liberia, local fishermen from the border town of Harper, situated just 13 miles from the where the Cavalla River divides Liberia from Cote d’Ivoire, had been airing grievances on national radio about foreign trawlers running over their artisanal fishing nets. The fishermen appealed to the Liberian Coast Guard for assistance.

Although the Cavalla River forms a natural boundary between two West African countries, its nutrient-rich waters spawn fish for whom borders are meaningless. For the fishing vessels chasing fish west as the fishing season in Ghana, which lies to the east, has closed, borders are equally unimportant.

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Why Sea Shepherd joins and supports the international campaign “Another Perspective on Fish”

By Lamya Essemlali, Co-directrice Sea Shepherd Global

An industrial purse seiner fishing for tuna in West Africa. Photo: Sea Shepherd Global / Alejandra GimenoThe campaign “Another Perspective on Fish” is a global campaign committed to the emergence in the collective consciousness of the question of sentient aquatic animals (fish, but also cephalopods and crustaceans).

Fish represent 97-98% of the animals killed for their flesh, with capture methods and killing processes that would shock the public and that would certainly be forbidden if they were land animals. Yet, what appears to be ethically outrageous and ecologically criminal on land is largely ignored or accepted at sea.

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The End of Operation Nemesis

by Captain Alex Cornelissen

The Ocean Warrior docked in Henderson, Western Australia. Photo: Sea Shepherd Global / Simon AgerThe arrival of the Ocean Warrior in Henderson, Western Australia marks the end of this year’s anti-whaling campaign against Japanese whale poachers in the Southern Ocean.

Our ships have been at sea for 93 days (Ocean Warrior) and 90 days (the Steve Irwin). During this entire time they searched for the floating slaughterhouse the Nisshin Maru, but we regret to say we were unable to lock onto the stern of the Japanese factory ship.

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When Lightning Strikes Twice – The Story of the First of Three Fishing Vessels Arrested in Liberia

by Captain Peter Hammarstedt

Liberian coast guard sailors prepare to board the FV Hispasen 7” photo: Sea Shepherd Global / Karine AignerAfter hours of searching through the fishing trawler, the Liberian Coast Guard Lieutenant asked the Senegalese fishing master a question that he already knew the answer to:

  • Did you transship in Liberian waters?
  • No. Never, never. Never Liberia.
  • So where did you take on the 40 ton of shrimp?
  • Ivory Coast. Ivory Coast.

With the admission of transshipment in the waters of Cote d’Ivoire, a practice strictly banned recorded on tape, the Lieutenant instructed the Portuguese captain to set course for Monrovia for further investigation.

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Kelly Slater Is Not An Enemy of the Sharks

By Captain Paul Watson

Paul Watson and Kelly SlaterWhat caused Kelly Slater to so radically change his views about sharks?

Or perhaps he did not change his views after all.

In 2014, Kelly was quoted in the Australian media saying in response to Premier Colin Barnett’s plan to kill sharks in Western Australia:

 “I think it’s kind of silly. Humans want to control everything. We try to control (beach) erosion, we try to control sharks … we just try to control everything on this earth and it’s just crazy. We kill 100 million sharks a year or something crazy to make (shark fin) soup. We throw them back finless and dying. It’s like we’ve lost all feeling for other creatures on some level and I think that’s kind of sad. If I got eaten by a shark, I’d be honoured.”

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Reversing Our Plastic Mistakes

By Gary Stokes

Fruit packaged in plastic and foamFruit packaged in plastic and foamThe plastic age is upon us, the effects of mankind’ s obsession with this incredible, indestructible material is now coming back to haunt us. Who ever thought that using the most permanent of materials for disposable single use items was a good idea has doomed humanity, unless we can turn the tide and change our convenient throw away lifestyles.


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Spanish Supreme Court Surrenders Southern Ocean to Toothfish Poachers

by Captain Peter Hammarstedt

Peter Interpol NoticeAs the three toothfish-poaching vessels belonging to Spain’s Vidal Armadores crime syndicate continue to sit in detention in Cabo Verde and Senegal, the Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that the owners -- who were charged with falsification of documents, money laundering, environmental crimes and criminal conspiracy -- cannot be prosecuted due to lack of jurisdiction. From the criminal case, the toothfish kingpins walk free.

In 2015 Sea Shepherd vessels chased the notorious F/V Thunder for 110 days and confiscated 72 kilometers of prohibited gillnet as part of Operation Icefish. Vidal vessels were intercepted and shut down at sea, and subsequently tracked down and detained by law enforcement in West African ports. 

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