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The threats to the ocean and marine wildlife are many, from plastic pollution to illegal fishing. But Sea Shepherd is making a difference every day through direct-action campaigns around the world.  And by joining the community of supporters in our Direct Action Crew, you can be a part of it! 


Your donations can help pay for the satellite connections to track poachers, media equipment to document and expose illegal activities, vegan food for our crew, or the tools our engineers need to maintain our vessels and smallboats. Every amount makes a difference, big or small. Together we can defend, conserve and protect marine wildlife worldwide.

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With a monthly donation, you're supporting the fight to defend our oceans not just today, but also in the future. Having a reliable source of support keeps our volunteers and crew equipped for the tough job of protecting the ocean and keeps our fleet where it's needed the most on the frontlines of marine conservation.

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Where Do Your Donations Go?
How We Spend It

Thanks to donations from our generous supporters, Sea Shepherd can continue the fight to save our oceans. We run a very lean ship, and make sure that over 90% of all donations go directly towards our direct-action campaign operations. To give you an idea of where your donations go:


- €10 a month helps supply charts for the bridge team 

- €20 a month feeds our whole crew for a day 

- €50 a month allows us to purchase audio-visual equipment to monitor illegal poachers 

- €100 a month provides 4 hours of fuel for the Bob Barker patrolling the seas on anti-poaching campaigns.


NOTE: All donations made to Sea Shepherd Global are processed by "Stichting Sea Shepherd Conservation Society" registered in the Netherlands.

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