Sea Shepherd Tattoo launches new fundraising campaign

Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018

Sea Shepherd Tattoo invites artists from all over the world to #InkForTheOceans with Sea Shepherd's own vegan ink and raise funds, friends and awareness at the same time. All proceeds going to Sea Shepherds direct action campaigns.

#InkForTheOceans aims to engage the tattoo community with our mission to defend, conserve and protect the oceans.To kick off this fundraising campaign, the Sea Shepherd Tattoo Studio in Amsterdam has opened its doors for tattoo artists who will donate their time and work to Sea Shepherd. The goal? To get people inked and support the oceans at the same time.

Sea Shepherd Tattoo created the #InkForTheOceans fundraising platform to help artists to mobilize their networks and the tattoo community to suppport Sea Shepherd.  

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