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Wednesday, Mar 02, 2016

Are you Dive Center or Operator wishing to partner with Sea Shepherd Dive and benefit from additional bookings and foot traffic from Sea Shepherd's global support base? First you must read and agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.


While we want to keep the rules to a minimum, there are some key fundamentals that we will need all our partners to agree to and follow. We cannot partner with anyone who compromises our core beliefs.

1. Look Don’t Touch

Entering the marine environment should be an incredible experience, but not at the expense of harming, stressing or damaging the fragile ecosystem that we dive to enjoy. This means that buoyancy control must be mastered to save crashing into delicate reefs, and correct finning practices to ensure that sediment is not kicked up which may smother delicate marine life.

2. Do Not Stress Marine Creatures

Harassing fish, chasing or riding turtles or other marine critters, and spending too much time with individual animals may affect their day to day activities all create un-needed stress to wildlife. All such activity must be avoided.

3. Do Not Feed Marine Creatures

Under no circumstances should anyone feed marine wildlife, to entice them in for an encounter or photograph, or for any other reason.

4. Do Not Remove Anything

Removing pieces of coral, shells, starfish or anything that lives in the ocean is an absolute no-go. Even the smallest items play an important role in the ecosystems. They all belong in the ocean, not in your home.

5. Do Not Anchor Dive Boats

All dive boats should use fixed moorings or drift where these facilities are not available. Anchor damage to coral reefs or sea grass areas is a huge problem. Work with Sea Shepherd Dive to help install permanent fixtures to popular dive site areas.

6. Do Not Spearfish

While there is an argument that this is one of the most sustainable forms of fishing, we have to disagree. One spear-fisherman may not make much of an impact, but imagine 100 on one reef, on one day! The taking of any fish from a marine ecosystem will have an adverse effect on the ecosystem that they all play a role in, therefore Sea Shepherd is firmly against all spear-fishing.

7. No Sport Fishing Businesses

We will not partner with any dive center that also offers sport-fishing trips.  ‘Catch and release’ and ‘catch’ in our eyes is one and the same. Released fish are often so traumatized that they die. There is no sport in hooking an apex predator.

8. No Businesses That Serve Fish or Seafood

We believe that you cannot say you are protecting the marine environment and then dine on it. The absence of seafood on your menu will raise questions, and this helps you to convey your environmental pledge to those that are diving with you. It helps them to make the connection of what you eat today, you won't see on tomorrow's dive.

We are currently not accepting new applications for Sea Shepherd Dive.


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