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A crucial meeting for the future of the climate.

Blue Whale logoThis November, France will welcome delegates to, and preside over, the 21st conference of the United Nations on Climate Change. The objective, which is to reach an international agreement to maintain global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, is clearly needed. Failure to reach this goal would have disastrous human, environmental and economic consequences.

The Blue Whale, a plea for biodiversity.

The association, A Present For The Earth, which has worked for years to make the public more aware of the importance of biodiversity protection, will soon construct a full size replica of the largest whale ever observed by man – a Blue Whale discovered in the South Atlantic in 1912. A true example for the preservation and conservation of biodiversity, this replica, in which 50 people can visit at any one time, will demonstrate the importance of the need to protect biodiversity, which is necessary for all life on Earth.

The whale, one of the planet’s greatest and most fragile beings, is at risk of disappearing in the same way that many other thousands of species are, because of global warming. To plead the cause of this irreplaceable biodiversity, A Present For The Earth has organized for the replica of this giant Blue Whale to be placed in the heart of the UN International Conference on Climate Change in Paris.

A home base in Aquitaine.

At the end of the conference, the Blue Whale will go back to its home base in Aquitaine in the Biome area, Centre of Preservation of Species in Danger of Extinction, established in Pouydesseaux, where she will be able to be visited.

Sea Shepherd is proud to partner in the Blue Whale project, along with National Geographic, the French Minister of Environment and the European Parliament, among others.

Read Captain Paul Watson’s commentary on How Blue Whales Can Help Slow Down Climate Change”

The blue whale to help the climate

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