Protecting the Ocean Starts on Your Plate

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For the Ocean
Why Our Ships are Vegan

Animal agriculture and overfishing are killing the ocean. This is exactly why our ships are fully vegan. Our crews thrive on a nutritious and, quite frankly delicious, plant-based diet. Our chefs work incredibly hard to make three meals a day to keep the ship's crew happy, a job which some call the hardest on board. We want to tell this story to the world and inspire others with the idea that a plant based diet contributes to a healthier ocean.

Make a Difference
Join our Vegan Challenge!

Sea Shepherd invites anyone who loves vegan food to join our challenge by sharing their favourite vegan recipe, hosting a virtual vegan dinner for friends and inspire them to donate to Sea Shepherd. A panel of vegan chefs will pick a winner in December, to be announced in a live online event with Sea Shepherd CEO Captain Alex Cornelissen. Winners will be rewarded with Sea Shepherd merchandise, and their recipe served to our ship's crew by the galley chefs.

Support Our Direct Action Campaigns
Protect the Ocean with a Plant-Based Diet

The aim of the challenge is to inspire people in a way that is not only fun but also contributes to the protection of the ocean. First, by promoting a plant based diet and its positive impact on the ocean. Second, by raising money to support Sea Shepherd's campaigns against overfishing. The donations will keep our ships on the frontlines and will help us increase our operations against IUU (Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported) fishing.

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