Untrap The Ocean Challenge

Join us from October 15th to the 30th for a new challenge: Untrap Yourself to Untrap The Ocean!

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Untrap Yourself to Untrap The Ocean

This past summer, Sea Shepherd achieved remarkable feats in safeguarding marine life. We rescued tens of thousands of octopuses ensnared in illegal traps, came across deceased seals trapped in abandoned fishing gear, and tirelessly freed numerous marine mammals entangled in nets, traps, and plastic debris. Now, we're reaching out to you for support in our mission to Untrap the Ocean.

Participating is simple. Choose an activity – whether it's running, hiking, biking, swimming, or kayaking – and turn it into a 5k challenge. By doing so, you'll not only raise funds but also raise awareness to protect marine wildlife from these harmful traps.

No need for complicated apps; just set up your own page here and then spread the word far and wide through your social media channels. Engage your family, friends, colleagues, and networks to get involved and make a real impact.

Plus, there's an exciting bonus! We're offering special prizes every couple of days for everyone who takes part. Share your best activity, results, or creative photos with us, and you'll be automatically entered into the draw to win.

Let's unite to Untrap The Ocean and ensure a safer future for our precious marine ecosystem!