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Sea Shepherd is the world's leading direct-action ocean conservation organisation.
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News & Commentary

The Sam Simon’s small boat has been seized in the Shetland Islands. Photo: Sea Shepherd
September 02, 2015

Denmark Orders Seizure Of Sam Simon Small Boat As Faroese Consultant Challenges Grind Law

Yesterday, authorities in the Shetland Islands, Scotland, seized a small boat of the Sea Shepherd ship, Sam Simon. The seizure was enacted at the request of Denmark, in response to a Letter of Request issued by the Chief Of Police of the Faroe Islands on…

For millions of years, whales have been busy regulating CO2 emissions in the most unlikely manner (from Wiki Commons)
September 01, 2015

How Blue Whales Can Help Slow Down Climate Change

by Captain Paul Watson

Restoring worldwide whale populations could contribute greatly to mitigating climate change.

With 95% of the traditional Blue whale population gone and with between 70% and 95% of other species of whale removed, one consequence has been…

German Actress Anne Menden joins Sea Shepherd’s land team for Operation Sleppid Grindini.
Sep 01, 2015

German Actress Anne Menden Joins Sea Shepherd to Defend Pilot Whales in the Faroe Islands

Yesterday, German Actress Anne Menden, known for her role as Emily Hofer in the RTL soap opera Good Times, Bad Times, arrived in the Danish Faroe Islands to join Sea Shepherd for…

Head Biologist and project leader, Patricia, observes adult an loggerhead after nesting. Photo: Simon Ager
Aug 29, 2015

Sea Shepherd and Biosfera 1 Tackle Loggerhead Poachers in Cabo Verde

Sea Shepherd and Biosfera 1 continue their successful partnership, teaming up for the second consecutive year to protect the endangered Loggerhead turtle population of Santa…

Ms. Gerlie Menchie Alpajora was murdered in front of her two young sons for her stance against IUU fishing.
Aug 29, 2015

Paying the Ultimate Price For The Planet

By Gary Stokes - Asia Director, Sea Shepherd

On July 29, 2015, one or more armed persons entered the home of Ms. Gerlie Menchie Alpajora in Sagnay, Camarines Sur in the…

File photo: Cove Guardian volunteer Karen Hagen in Taiji, Japan. Photo: Sea Shepherd
Aug 28, 2015

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Leader Denied Entry to Japan

Volunteer Karen Hagen of Norway was Detained and Denied Entry into the Country; Sea Shepherd Considers the Refusal to be an Attempt by Japan to Hide the Brutal Slaughter of…

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