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Sea Shepherd is the world's leading direct-action ocean conservation organisation.
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March 04, 2015


By Gary Stokes – Asia Director
I don’t normally go too much for these one off day awareness grabbers. With the worlds ecosystems and wildlife under serious threat and the world standing by witnessing the sixth mass extinction, I feel that every day should be a…
February 28, 2015

Sea Shepherd Offers $1,000 Reward Against Shark Poachers in Brunei

On June 8th 2013, World Oceans Day, the Sultanate of Brunei proudly declared that the country would champion the sharks by banning all shark and shark products from the country. There would be a six month grace period for vendors to sell old stock, and Jan…
Kunlun dangerously crosses the bow of the Sam Simon, after it was intercepted by the Sea Shepherd ship in February. Photo: Jeff Wirth
Feb 27, 2015

Sea Shepherd Commends Australian Boarding of Poaching Vessel: Now Calls For Arrest

Sea Shepherd has responded to news that Australian customs have boarded the Interpol-wanted poaching vessel, Kunlun, commending border patrol for their action, and calling on the…
Just some of the 72 km of the Thunder's illegal gillnet that was confiscated by the Sam Simon. Photo: Jeff Wirth
Feb 26, 2015

Sea Shepherd Hands-Over Evidence of Thunder's Illegal Fishing to Authorities in Mauritius

Yesterday, the Sea Shepherd ship, Sam Simon, handed-over evidence to authorities at Port Louis, Mauritius, of the illegal fishing activities of the Nigerian-flagged poaching…
Masked officer on board Thunder throws chain at Sea Shepherd small boat crew. Photo: Simon Ager
Feb 21, 2015

Sea Shepherd Assaulted While Attempting to Communicate with Crewmembers On Board Poaching Vessel,…

Sea Shepherd crewmembers were assaulted on Thursday while attempting to communicate with crew members on board the Interpol-wanted poaching vessel, Thunder. The incident occurred…
Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker in pursuit of the Interpol-wanted poacher, Thunder.
Feb 18, 2015

Sea Shepherd Ship Triples Record for Longest Sea Chase of a Poacher as it Enters Third Month of…

Today, the Sea Shepherd ship, Bob Barker, tripled the record for the longest sea chase of a poaching vessel, marking its 63rd day of pursuit of the Interpol-wanted,…
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