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There are many ways you can take action today to help defend, conserve and protect our oceans!

The world needs more part-time heroes. Why not you? Whether you join a campaign on the high seas, volunteer in your hometown, help keep our shores clean and safe, or contribute the funds and equipment that keep our ships running, there are many ways you can become a real part-time hero helping Sea Shepherd defend, conserve and protect our precious oceans.

Join Neptune's Navy
Volunteer for Our Global Campaigns at Sea

We are always looking for dedicated individuals to crew aboard our global fleet of ships. We want people of all ages, backgrounds and skills who are ready for the adventure of a lifetime as they defend and protect the world’s oceans.

Join Our Crew
Think Globally, Act Locally
Volunteer with Sea Shepherd Where You Live

We wouldn’t survive without the dedication of our onshore volunteers. National groups and local chapters are made up of volunteers who sell merchandise, organize fundraising events, participate in beach cleanups and educate the public about our mission.

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Donate Funds

Sea Shepherd relies on the generosity of our donors to fuel and maintain our ships. Whether it's a one-time or monthly committment, your donations make a real difference in keeping us ready for direct action campaigns around the world. 

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Donate Supplies

Sea Shepherd accepts and greatly appreciates donations for our crews and ships. If you would like to support us by purchasing much-needed supplies and equipment on Sea Shepherd’s behalf, check out our fleet's current Wish Lists. 

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Make an Impact!
Donate Photos

While on campaign, Sea Shepherd's photographers rarely have time to jump in the water and capture nature's beauty close up. Help us fill the gaps in our media library by donating your photos to our conservation efforts!

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