All Hands on Deck! Donate Today and You Double Your Impact in the Fight Against Illegal Fishing

Wednesday, 01 Jul, 2020

While the world fights a pandemic, poachers continue plundering our oceans and decimating marine wildlife. But we’ve been working tirelessly to prepare our ships to return to the frontlines, and now we need your help!

Philip Wollen with Captain Peter Hammarstedt

Make a donation of any amount before July 31st and Sea Shepherd supporter Phil Wollen will match it. That means if you donate €100 today, Sea Shepherd receives €200 towards our campaigns to end illegal fishing. Together we can stop the poachers!

Help Us Raise €120,000 by July 31st!

If everyone chips in what they can to help us raise €60,000, with Phil’s matching grant we’ll have the €120,000 needed to run our ships and support our crew as they set sail this summer.  Thanks to your donation we can use satellite connections to track poachers, purchase audio-visual equipment to monitor illegal activities, cook vegan food for our crew, maintain our engine room, supply charts for our bridge team and fuel our vessels and smallboats. 


Sea Shepherd Supporter Philip Wollen

“When there is a problem, Sea Shepherd ships are the first to respond because they have the team of energetic, smart, courageous young people willing to put themselves on the line to protect the most precious of all things. So that is why I support Sea Shepherd so strongly, “ says longtime supporter Philip Wollen, an Australian philanthropist who has donated millions to improving the environment and helping the powerless — children, animals and the terminally ill — around the world. “After 15 years of being actively involved in Sea Shepherd, I can vouch for their dedication, sincerity and effectiveness.” 

Thank you, Phil, for your unwavering support and belief in our mission to Defend, Conserve, and Protect.

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