"Below The Surface" AR Experience

Tuesday, 18 Feb, 2020

Joining forces with digital design and experience studio, Resn, Sea Shepherd recently launched a mobile augmented reality (AR) experience to highlight the increasing issue around the bycatch of dolphins.

The project, named Below the Surface AR, delivers the user right to the shocking experience that left 11,000 dolphins dead off the coast of France in 2019 alone. These dolphins are killed thanks to non-selective, industrial fishing methods.

To mitigate this, Sea Shepherd is engaged in patrolling the Bay of Biscay to document industrial fishing operations and alert the media and the public on the issue as a part of what we call Operation Dolphin Bycatch.  

Scientists estimate that the population of dolphins in the Bay of Biscay is now endangered due to bycatch.

Experience it for yourself: Go Below the Surface

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