Dutch National Postcode Lottery Prolongs Collaboration with Sea Shepherd

Wednesday, 04 Oct, 2017

The Dutch National Postcode Lottery has prolonged its collaboration with Sea Shepherd for another five years. Since 2007, Sea Shepherd has received in total a financial contribution from the Postcode Lottery of € 16.5 million. The collaboration has recently been assessed and after being approved by the National Postcode Lottery’s Board of Commissioners, it was decided that the structural support would continue for another 5 years, up to and including 2022.

Only a few weeks before this decision was made, the Ocean Warrior, built by the support of the National Postcode Lottery, successfully patrolled in the waters of East Timor. A joint operation by Sea Shepherd and the National Police of East Timor (PNTL) resulted in the detention of 15 vessels of the Hong Long Fisheries and the Pingtan Marine Enterprises fishing fleets.

At the request of the PNTL, the Ocean Warrior assisted the armed police in boarding the illegal operating vessels and the crew gathered crucial evidence. The suspicion that the fleet had been targeting sharks, without permission, was confirmed. The evidence of caught protected shark species, falling within the CITES Appendix 1 and CITES Appendix 2, has been transferred to the authorities.

"Sea Shepherd’s campaigns are quite remarkable and effectively tackle illegal fishing and the enormous scale of shark poaching," said Margriet Schreuders, Head of Charities of the National Postcode Lottery. "Living creatures in the world's oceans are faring badly and the number of killed sharks worldwide is shocking. This is why the National Postcode Lottery feels it is important to continue supporting Sea Shepherd and is looking forward to continuing the collaboration.”

Geert Vons, Director of Sea Shepherd Netherlands is particularly pleased with this news that is of such vital importance to Sea Shepherd. “It is fantastic that we can count on the structural support of the National Postcode Lottery during the next five years”, says Vons. What’s more, Sea Shepherd is incredibly pleased not only about the financial support, but also about the way in which the National Postcode Lottery promotes Sea Shepherd via the media and in our community. “I appreciate and respect the National Postcode Lottery enormously. They have achieved such a lot and provide structural support to almost 100 charities”, expressed Vons.

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