Sea Shepherd Global Launches Sea Shepherd Dive

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2016

Following a successful presence at dive shows in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands, Sea Shepherd Global is proud to announce the official launch of a new initiative, Sea Shepherd Dive.

Coral propagation courses on offer through Sea Shepherd Dive affiliates Ocean Quest. Photo Gary Stokes/Sea Shepherd.

Sea Shepherd Dive has been developed to provide a “support and report” network to enable the dive community to get involved with Sea Shepherd and its worldwide mission to stop poachers and illegal operations that are destroying our marine environment.

Through the Sea Shepherd Dive website, divers and dive operators can report environmental crimes that they witness while diving, anywhere around the world. Acting on behalf of the person who has reported the crime, Sea Shepherd will then contact local, regional or national authorities to notify them of the suspected criminal activity.

The initiative enables Sea Shepherd to act as a buffer for divers who may otherwise not report the crimes they see, for fear of repercussions.

“Sea Shepherd Dive takes the world’s most effective marine conservation organisation and joins forces with like-minded, environmentally conscious dive centers. This formation of a global report network will enable Sea Shepherd to have eyes on the ground in far flung destinations where wildlife crimes, habitat destruction and over-exploitation is occurring daily,” says Sea Shepherd Dive Director, Gary Stokes.

In addition to the reporting features, Sea Shepherd Dive provides divers with a number of support services. These include a growing list of responsible dive operators and information on courses, aimed to educate divers on how they can take direct action to help our precious marine environment.

For dive operators who are looking to partner with Sea Shepherd Dive, the website provides the opportunity for exposure to Sea Shepherd’s worldwide supporter base, and endorsement of dive businesses that adhere to the Sea Shepherd Dive Code of Conduct.


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