Sea Urchin Poacher Arrested in the Plemmirio Marine Reserve

Monday, 05 Jun, 2017

On June 1st, a sea urchin poacher was caught by Sea Shepherd Italy volunteers in the Plemmirio Marine Reserve. After alerting the local authorites the diver was apprehended. 

Free-diver caught poaching sea urchins. Photo Sea Shepherd Italia.
Free-diver spotted gathering sea urchins in the Plemmirio Marine Reserve. Photo Sea Shepherd Italia.

Last Thursday, Sea Shepherd volunteers spotted a free-diver who was catching sea urchins in the B Zone of the Plemmirio Marine Reserve Area in Siracusa. The Port Authority and the Provincial Police were alerted immediately. The latter saw to the release of the sea urchins and took the poacher into custody at the central police station. Siracusa's Provincial Police also confiscated the poaching gear and reported the diver to the Judicial Authority.

The daytime and nighttime patrolling activity by Sea Shepherd is carried out within the framework of Operation Siracusa, teaming up with the relevant authorities to defend marine life and to put a stop to any activity that may threaten protected species.


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