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Saturday, 20 Mar, 2021

Poachers don’t stop during public health emergencies, and neither does Sea Shepherd’s resolve to defend marine wildlife.  #shoptosupport now, so that we can prepare our ships to continue the chase of poachers on the world’s oceans after COVID-19.

In this news section we will update you on developments regarding our stores around the world. During these challenging times we will take care of your orders as long as we can safely do so. We care about the safety and health of our employees and supporters - and have taken precautionary measures like social distancing and enhanced cleaning in our fulfillment centers and brick & mortar stores. 

- The crisis is affecting parcel service worldwide, so we ask for your understanding if your order or return is delayed. In some cases delivery to your country may be (temporarily) disabled when shipment is restricted by your local government.

- Please note that according to the WHO, accepting parcels is safe to do so. You can also buy a gift card in most of our stores.

AUSTRALIA e-store open, events starting up

FRANCE e-store open, no events

GERMANY e-store open, brick & mortar store closed, no events

ITALY e-store open, no events

NETHERLANDS brick & mortar store open (on appointment), tattoo studio open, no events.

NEW ZEALAND e-store open, no events

SWITZERLAND e-store open, no events

UK e-store open, no events

US e-store open, no events

All stores can be found at

Last update: March 24th 2021

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