Campaign to Protect Amazon River Dolphins

The Amazon Boto Expedition

Amazon Boto Expedition
Campaign to study and conserve porpoises and tucuxis in the Amazon

Amazon river dolphins are at great risk of extinction. It's estimated that the population of these dolphins drops by half every decade due to bycatch and the intentional use of their meat as bait for piracatinga fishing. Sea Shepherd has been in the Amazon since 2021 for a long-term study of the population of porpoises and tucuxis in partnership with INPA (National Institute for Research in the Amazon). This campaign aims to deepen knowledge of the health of these species to promote their conservation, to share knowledge through educational engagement with local communities, and expand awareness of the preservation of these dolphins within Brazil and throughout the world.

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"Red Journey"
Sea Shepherd Brazil's Amazon River Dolphin Documentary

Sea Shepherd Brazil has released an exclusive 15-minute documentary, "Red Journey: Crimes Deep in the Amazon River." Directed by Bruna Arcangelo, this eye-opening documentary shows the criminal activity surrounding the preservation of two endangered Amazon River dolphin species.

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