Vegan for the Ocean

For the Ocean
Why Our Ships are Vegan

Animal agriculture and overfishing are killing the ocean. That’s why our ships are 100% vegan. Our talented galley chefs work tirelessly to provide three nutritious -- and delicious! -- vegan meals to the hungry crew during our direct-action campaigns protecting the ocean. It’s one of the hardest jobs on the ship, requiring constant creativity and ingenuity, especially on long campaigns at sea where fresh ingredients aren’t readily available.

Submit Your Favorite Vegan Recipe

Get involved! The galley chefs are always looking for new inspiration for plant-based dishes to satisfy the hungry crew.  So we’re calling on all vegan food lovers to send in your favorite plant-based recipes for Sea Shepherd’s Vegan for the Ocean Recipe Contest. A panel of vegan chefs will pick the winners, to be announced at our live streaming event on February 12th with Sea Shepherd CEO Captain Alex Cornelissen and internationally renowned vegan chef and restauranteur Matthew Kenney. Winners will be rewarded with Sea Shepherd merchandise, and their recipe served to our ship's crew by the galley chefs.


This contest has ended, thanks to everyone who participated!

Check out the winning recipe here!
Save the Date: February 12th
Vegan for the Ocean Live Streaming Event

Everyone’s invited to join us for a free live streaming event, “Vegan for the Oceans”, featuring:


* Sea Shepherd CEO Captain Alex Cornelissen, who first joined Sea Shepherd’s crew as a galley chef, who will share the many ways that a plant-based diet helps protect the ocean.


* Vegan chef and international restaurant owner Matthew Kenney, who will announce the contest winners and share some of his own favorite vegan cooking tips.


* A behind-the-scenes tour of the Sam Simon’s galley to see where our chefs work around the clock to keep the crew fueled and ready for direct action.

Watch the event recording here
Recipes and Live Events
Vegan for the Oceans
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