The birth and the death of sea turtles

Friday, 22 Sep, 2017

Another sea turtle found killed by poachers in Mayotte on the beach known as Moya 2 by the volunteer crew of Operation Nyamba. WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE

A female turtle killed for her meat before she can lay her eggs. Photo Sea Shepherd France.

In Mayotte, poachers target turtles as they come up on the beaches to nest. The turtles are targeted for their internal organs and eggs. This turtle was slaughtered before she could lay her eggs, which are discarded next to the body. 

Later that same day, Sea Shepherd crew witnessed and escorted new turtle hatchlings to the sea, protecting them from other wildlife in the area including crows. 

Sea Shepherd intends to return to Mayotte with a bigger team and for a longer duration, to protect the wildlife of Mayotte against the poachers.


Sea turtle hatchlings on the beach in Mayotte make it safely to the water. Photo by Sea Shepherd France.
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