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Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before sending your email. We run a very tight ship at Global headquarters, and our top priority is managing the daily operations of our direct-action campaigns. We don’t have “administrative staff” to answer calls and emails, so please be patient when awaiting a reply. 

Sea Shepherd Global Contacts

Global Headquarters


52 Alexander Boersstraat

1071 KZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 233 7701


Press Inquiries


Heather Stimmler, Global Media Director
Tel +339 7719 7742 (Europe)


For Press Inquiries regarding SSCS (North America)
Tel +1 310 739 5117 (Los Angeles, CA)



Jan Hazeleger, CFO


Volunteer Crew


General crew inquiries:


If you're a ticketed navigator or engineer


Sea Shepherd Store


52 Alexander Boersstraat
1071 KZAmsterdam, The Netherlands

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am – 5pm
Tel: +31 20 233 7701


Online Store

Please use the contact email on the eStore's website for questions about merchandise or your order.

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