Making Waves Together: Updates from the 'Untrap the Ocean' Challenge!

Thursday, 26 Oct, 2023

Sea Shepherd’s "Untrap the Ocean" challenge is in full swing, and we're beyond impressed by the outpouring of energy and enthusiasm from all corners of the globe. Participants are crushing their 5k goals in wildly creative ways, from sunset swims and epic bike rides to family runs and night scuba dives. Of course it's not just about breaking a sweat; every step, pedal, or stroke you take supports our mission to protect the ocean and marine wildlife. Here’s a sneak peek at the incredible efforts of our community, and a heads-up on the fantastic prizes still up for grabs before the challenge ends on October 30th!

Octoparrazo scuba diving for five nights to complete the 5k challenge, camera in hand!
Octopus photographed during a night dive by Octoparrazo
Marion starts her 5k sunset swim with friends in the south of Spain.
Marion finishes her sunset 5k swim with an amazing photo op!
The Change Starts team ready for the challenge!
The Change Starts team showing off their plant-based power for the ocean
Ivana, Anka (in the pram) and Miki (on four legs) running in Portland, Australia.

Participant Spotlights
Here are just a few of the awesome stories shared by the “Untrap the Ocean” participants:

- Octoparrazo, as this talented octopus photographer in Ibizia is known to his followers, has been scuba diving each night among his beloved cephalopods in the “Kingdom of Yabisa” to reach a total of 5k. Check out some of the amazing photos and videos he’s taken during his swims:

- Marion is another ocean-lover who has taken up the challenge by completing her 5k sunset swim along the Spanish coastline near Malaga, with two supportive friends willing to brave the 16°C waters for two hours to accompany her!

- A ten-person team from The Change Starts, a vegan supplements company in the Netherlands, came together to swim (1km), paddle (1km), kayak (1km), run (5km) and cycle (10km) in the forests around Amsterdam to complete their fundraising challenge in one day. Plant-powered teamwork for the ocean!

- Ivana, who’s doing a 10.5km “3 Bays Run” in Portland, Australia, shared an action photo of her  running team: “my 20-month old baby girl called Anka (in a pram) and my beautiful husky dog called Miki”. 

Don’t forget share your journey by tagging your social media posts with #UntrapTheOcean, #FitfortheOcean, and #SeaShepherd.


More Prizes!
On October 30th we’ll be drawing the winner for a Nelo 400 Kayak! The drawing is open to all registered participants; to enter, just send a photo of yourself taking part in your 5k challenge to

There's Still Time to Dive In
The “Untrap the Ocean” 5k challenge ends on October 30th, so it's not too late to participate! Just choose your 5k activity – solo or with a team – then sign up here to create your fundraising page to share with friends and family.

Thank You for Joining the Fight
Sea Shepherd applauds the efforts of all challenge participants. You raised an astounding €25k during last year’s challenge, and we’re sure this year will be even better thanks to your commitment to making a tangible impact on ocean conservation!

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